First Application Complete! (10/26/19)

On Saturday (10/26/19) the first of two buffered alum applications at Shields Lake was completed on schedule! As planned, the exact dose of over 15,000 gallons of alum and 7,000 gallons of buffer was applied in a precise and uniform manner. The HAB team was able to work efficiently to keep the project on schedule and we have already demobilized our equipment form the Shields Lake project work site.

A special thanks to HAB’s Alum Transfer Specialist (Bernie Ruppert) for continuing to ensure that our company Safety Plan is enforced and followed on all of our projects. This attention to detail and level of dedication is critical to successful applications. There is not greater measure of success than safety.

This is the last of our daily postings, but check back soon (or receive automatic notifications by entering your email address below) for a posting of the final coverage map showing the location of the alum application. Thanks for your interest and for following our progress. Don’t forget to check out HAB on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too. Finally, a big thanks to the Shields Lake community, the Comfort Lake Forest Lake Watershed District and EOR for all of their interest and support. This support is also critical to successful projects. We have definitely enjoyed our time here and look forward to returning for the second application next fall!

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