Mobilization Day: 10/24/19

HAB spent the first day (10/24) of the Shields Lake project preparing equipment for the application.  This included assembly of the barge’s application boom, programming the barge’s computerized dosing system, launching the barge into the lake, setting up on-shore storage tanks and confirming the delivery plan for the alum and buffer.  A small restricted work area was established to keep lake users at a safe distance from the storage tanks and barge filling locations. Final calibrations of the barge computer system were conducted and the equipment to monitor the lake’s water quality was prepared for use.  We are ready to begin the application of the alum tomorrow morning (10/25)!

We also spent time conducting our daily environmental testing of the lake water.  Alum is widely used in lakes and the drinking/wastewater treatment industry due to it’s known safety.  In fact, an important consideration in selecting an alum application as the preferred restoration technique for Shields Lake was it’s long record of safe use.  The alum applied to Shields Lake is the same alum used as a clarifier in drinking water treatment plants and each truckload of alum is tested to ensure it’s purity and that it meets the rigorous drinking water standards.  The use of alum is well-suited for lakes such as Shields and HAB carefully monitors and documents the safe lake conditions before, during and after all of their application projects.

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